Carson T.

"My coaching sessions with Sabrina are fun, challenging, enlightening and energizing. She is a wise, caring, compassionate coach and mentor who genuinely believes in and wants the best for her clients. I leave each session more clear, focused and ready to make the changes necessary to achieve my Heart's Desires. In the past year of working with Sabrina I have experienced profound personal and professional shifts, realized all the intentions I set in our work together, and strengthened my intuition. I am eternally grateful to the universe for bringing Sabrina and her spirit into my life."

Cheri, FL

"Sabrina is an extremely gifted intuitive and teacher, but it is her personal qualities that set her apart from others is her field. She is warm, funny, grounded and wise beyond her years. My mentoring time with Sabrina is the favorite part of my week. She really cares about her clients and goes above and beyond by tailoring the program to their needs and abilities. I have learned so much, but more importantly I have experienced an immense amount of personal/spiritual growth. Sabrina is my cheerleader and there are no words that can express how grateful I am for her presence in my life. She had mentored me in both Psychic Pathways and Hearts Desire and I highly recommend both programs. If taken seriously, they will change your life."

Sharon K.

“I am an " almost 60 year old" mom of three facing a time of huge transition and challenge in my life. I met Sabrina and was instantly struck by her incredibly genuine nature, sweetness, and grounded maturity..In need of real solid advice on how to connect to, and follow , the messages of my heart, I called Sabrina. Her session was profound and perfect! Her connection to the messages of her guides and mine led to important  conversation, suggestions, and advice. Sabrina is not a predictions based reader. Rather, she illuminates the soul's purpose. She helps identify and sort out, through intuition and guidance, the most authentic ways for you, or me, to move forward in a positive way in this world. She enabled me to understand the purpose that specific people, places, and experiences have served in my life and how they will serve me in the future. Sabrina also introduced new ideas for me to reflect upon with regard to choices I might make in my life going forward that would enhance my own personal growth and connection to the values and talents i cherish the most.

To speak to Sabrina is at once life affirming and profoundly moving because it becomes apparent immediately that she "knows you well". She opens windows to the very varied and undulating landscape of your soul and then allows you to sit back, take in the view,  breathe deeply, and move forward with greater insight and wisdom. Talking to Sabrina connects you to the limitless possibilities of your own heart and soul, possibility you may not even been quietly aware of or, if aware of maybe felt to be a bit of a challenge or a reach; she helps you trust your own instincts by confirming them with messages she receives. Working with Sabrina is an amazing gift . I will return often.”


"I have been working with Sabrina for several months.   What I appreciate most about Sabrina is her ability to facilitate a process that helps me learn for myself.  Her approach is completely non-judgmental and supports me in developing very practical insights and skills for my everyday living and working.   I am learning to ask with confidence for what I want, to make decisions from my spirit versus from my fear and to live in joy versus trepidation.  It is quite liberating.  She has helped me get out of my head and into a way of being that is integrated and whole.  I am more present to myself, to my family, and to my clients.  As a consequence, my life is richer for it.  It is a fabulous journey we are all on toward purpose and fulfillment.  I am delighted that Sabrina is helping to light the path.                             

Working with Sabrina has helped me get my "groove back" :)! She has supported me to become fully motivated and empowered to live my most authentic life.  And ... most importantly to live a fun filled joyous life while I'm doing it!!! Sabrina's intuition is spot on and her enthusiasm is contagious!"

Evonne B.

I feel blessed and so grateful to have had Sabrina in my life during the past 3 years. Her intuition is spot on and never ceases to amaze me. Sabrina has given me exceptional support in all areas of my life but especially with my daughter, relationships and career. Even on a bad day I feel so much better after our sessions. Talking to Sabrina really is one of the highlights of my week. It helps me to connect to myself and get back on track. Sabrina just gets it, she sees you, hears you and truly witnesses you.