Sabrina Choquette

Sabrina Choquette

Soul Coach, Speaker & Hay House Author


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honor & fulfill your life's deeper callings

Coaching with me is a powerful and life changing commitment to wake up your spirit and start listening to the calling of your heart and soul. Together we will unlock the clarity of your own power and passion to create not only your heart’s desires but fulfill your deeper callings. Whether you are looking for coaching in your personal life, your career, or ready for a deeper conversation about the depths of your potential, together we will unlock the gates and get your fire going. If you’re interested in working together to create the life you really want, book a free fifteen-minute consultation and let's see if we're a good fit!


manifest your heart's desire


Soul Coach, Speaker and Hay House Author

Starting at the age of twelve, I began mentoring with masterful energy workers and powerful transformative teachers. My upbringing instilled in me a connected intuition that helps me discover and uncover the layers of your journey that many times can feel deeply buried beneath the surface.


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Alexandra F.

"When Sabrina asked me to write this, I didn't even know where to begin. The first moments with Sabrina on the phone, I had profound relief wash over me, like someone really knew me, saw me, and was going to be able to help me succeed. Working with her has been life changing. I called her unhappy, anxious and scared of my future. After working with her for a few months, I found my courage and left my job at a corporate company. I have since started my own skin care company and completely transformed my body. I am dating a beautiful kind man who actually gets me for the first time in my life. I am grateful to Sabrina for her wisdom, her humor and her approach. I can honestly say that what she does, she does with a lot of love. I have had other coaches, but no one is like Sabrina. I absolutely cannot recommend her enough."