Free 15-minute consultation to start

I offer two courses, regular one-on-one coaching, and an intensive 36 week intuitive apprenticeship course for clients who would like to learn how to do intuitive readings as a professional practice. 


I only take clients who are deeply ready and committed to transformation of their lives.

Connecting over the phone is an important first step as it allows me to sense what your own heart is deeply craving, and it will give you an opportunity to connect with my energy and my style. I find that talking over the phone is the only way you can get a real sense for a my creative and enthusiastic approach, and I can answer any questions that might be floating around.



The best description of working with me as your coach is collaborative. I very much see us working together towards a common goal, and my investment in you on a personal level means that I bring heart and love to these co-creations. Too much of our lives, we feel alone and misunderstood, and my deepest prayer is to be able to witness you, champion you and support you into creating the life you are yearning to live. Whether you are working towards a new career or are in need of some profound healing attention, together we will get feeling happier, more deeply integrated and re-assured. I have a network of healers, energy workers and referrals to help you create the holistic and happy life you deserve.